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Our guarantees

We guarantee that all ladies are unmarried and family-oriented. Each lady we know personally and they come to our office and find an individual approach and a support from our team.

The goal is for you to meet your special person and fall in love with her. We will do our best to help you in achieving it.

  • We will help you to organize your meetings in a secure, pleasant and stress-free environment.

  • We will take you to a sight-seeing excursion around the city of your stay and show you the most interesting sights and places of interest - you are not only looking for the person who can become the love of your life, but you also broaden your cultural horizons;

  • We will supply you with an entertainment program, a list of places you can enjoy with the ladies you meet - you don't have to worry where to take your date!

  • You don't have to worry what happens if you don't like the lady - we will take care of that. Just let us know if you don't think this lady is right for you, and we will find the way to deliver the news to the lady without hurting her feelings. You don't have to do it yourself.

  • Your lady does not have to worry what happens if she does not like you - if this happens, she can tell us about it straight away and both of you can go your own ways and don't waste each other's time any further. She won't have a problem to tell us about it as she could have if she had to tell you about it in person. If you were meeting on your own and intending to spend a few days together, she would probably stay with you for the rest of the time you planned and you could have your hopes worked up for nothing. When you meet someone with the help of our agency, and she is not interested, you can utilize this time in a better way and meet other ladies instead.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate, feel free to contact us, we shall do our best to help you.